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It’s been forever since we updated our blog, so it seems only fitting that an event like welcoming the next child into our home would break the silent era. We are pregnant with our Little #2.  Like Elijah, we weren’t aiming to get pregnant, but God in His wisdom opened it up and here we […]

If you would have asked me a year ago what Jerod and I like to do for fun on a Saturday afternoon, the answer would not have been hanging out in the Terra Toys Store for an hour.  Alas, we are parents. Last Saturday we took Elijah to Terra Toys on Anderson Lane- perhaps the […]

Birthday Fun


Jerod (3.16)  and I (4.2) celebrated our birthdays.  We had some good times with family.  We also got a few nice cards and presents in the mail!  Here are some pictures of our birthday dinners: Its funny how once you have a kid, your birthday doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore.  🙂

March 4-8, Granny J, Aunt Wendy & Grandma BJ came to visit us in Austin!  We had a wonderful time hanging out. On March 5 we celebrated Grandma BJ’s 86th birthday! We went to Zilker Botanical Gardens (which is free on the weekdays).  It was a sunny beautiful day. On the way home we stopped […]

Jesus is in there too, but i don’t have a pic of Him yet 🙂

12 weeks and counting! we’re growing so fast…

We went to visit Jerod’s family the last week of January.  Many of his cousins, aunts & uncles, and the great grandparents hadn’t had the privilege of meeting Elijah yet.  Elijah did wonderfully on the drive up to Dallas, then on to Snyder, and eventually to Denver City. The first stop:  Dallas.  We got there […]