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So now that we have a quasi-toddler, I wanted to implement a weekly “Craft Day” at our house.  (The motivation probably stems from the fact that I’ve been over-tired the first 18 weeks of this pregnancy, laying on the couch while my little man plays with his trucks.)  There’s nothing like guilt that will motivate […]

So, we found out exactly where our foster-to-adopt licensing process is at the present moment.  In the last post we announced that we are pregnant and that the foster-to-adopt initiative would have to wait due to a TB test for me. We spoke with our foster agency and they said the good news is that […]

Eli’s Jam


It’s been a while since we’ve updated here.  Been busy just like all of you out there.  Here’s a quick video of what Eli’s been up to lately.  The quality is bad because it was taken on a cell phone cam…but you’ll get the idea.  Wordpress won’t let me insert a video, so click the […]

Jerod and I bought this cool shirt from Aaron Ivey’s website. They are $25 and 100% of the profits goes to the relief work in Haiti. If you have $25, consider buying a shirt.  Every time you wear it, it will remind you to pray for the People of Haiti.  Pray God would restore them.

Check out this blog: Pray for these kids and if you are able, help!



Before the holidays I went to a gathering put on by the wiser, more mature ladies of our church, the Austin Stone.  The gathering was a platform for these ladies to share the traditions that their families had observed.  They encouraged us to create traditions for our own families that pointed to our family values. […]