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We went to visit Jerod’s family the last week of January.  Many of his cousins, aunts & uncles, and the great grandparents hadn’t had the privilege of meeting Elijah yet.  Elijah did wonderfully on the drive up to Dallas, then on to Snyder, and eventually to Denver City. The first stop:  Dallas.  We got there […]



Today was our first full day of vacation and we were in Seattle. We started out downtown at a coffee shop called Espresso Vivace Roasteria ( Jerod loves drinking coffee and according to this coffee house was highest ranked in Seattle. It was good. We will try out other places in town and let […]

We’re Out!


So Jerod and I are going to be unavailable starting tomorrow until July 19.  We are going on vacation!  Our last little hoorah before our new little hoorah comes to live with us 🙂 .  We are going to Seattle, Vancouver, and the San Juan Islands! Seattle: Photo courtesy of US Department of Commerce In […]

Eric & Katie


We went to the wedding of Eric and Katy Toy in Maryland. The wedding was relaxed and a lot of fun.

April and I met up with her family for Memorial Day weekend. We spent a few days in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. The weekend started out with the wedding of Eric and Katy. The wedding was in Maryland, and the scenery and weather were amazing. From there we hung out with her family […]

Spring Break


Our Spring break started out with a late flight out of Austin. We heard a little music while in the airport which was packed for SXSW. This band was playing in the airport. That late flight caused us to miss our flight from Dallas to Miami. I took a shot of the snow that I […]