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The House :o)


So tomorrow Jerod and a friend we have from church, Marcus, are going to do a “walk-through” with the builder.  Marcus is going because he is actually a custom home builder and knows what we need to be looking for as we survey the craftmanship of our potential home.  Thank God for people like Marcus […]

Well, we are still waiting to hear if the city has approved us for the “affordable housing program” available through the Mueller Development (  We should hear something within the next two weeks as to whether or not we will actually be able to buy the house we have under contract. This will be our […]

So Jerod and I signed a contract on the house in the Mueller development ( on Tuesday. It isn’t for sure yet. We still have to be approved by a few people. It is exciting though because we were going to sign up for a row home (kinda like a townhouse), but 15 minutes before […]