two years ago today


Jerod and I tied the knot!


Today I was thinking about us and I am so thankful God let me marry Jerod.  We met in an unlikely spot, Glorieta, NM.  We were long distance for three years~ a distance that spread two continents.  We dated a total of six years and now we’re parents together.  God has persevered us through eight years so far.  I pray we make it at least 42 more.  🙂


3 Responses to “two years ago today”

  1. 1 instride

    Hey April – it’s me, J, I hope we make it 43 yrs…or longer!

  2. 2 Pamela Alpizar

    April you have to make it at least 59 1/2 more years and then you will only be 89 1/2.just like grandma Randy when she went to be with Jesus….You can do it….I love you guys. Keep praying for me. Rafi and I are at least talking to each other. He is a great person, we have just gone through soooo much. Keep praying God’s will in our lives. I love all three of you very much…Aunt Pam

  3. 3 Aaron Campbell

    Glorieta, Whoop Whoop!!! 😉

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