Ring ’round the Rosey…


swing time with daddy

On February 10, Elijah went to the park in our neighborhood for the first time!

wow, this is high

Jerod & Elijah on the whirly seat

It was pretty great.  He seemed to really like the swings.

enjoying the day

what next?

Its nice that we can walk to the park and play.


3 Responses to “Ring ’round the Rosey…”

  1. dude look @ those guns! you’ve been lifting that baby alot. great pics brother. let’s try to get caught up some this wknd. still need to talk to you about some stuff sometime and plan our man retreat/reunion thingy

  2. April-

    These pictures are amazing! I love the one with Elijah grinning… too cute!

  3. 3 abby

    he has THE cutest smile.

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