you try to teach your kid to be like Jesus…

He's a sinner

He's a sinner

needless to say, we’re gonna need prayer.

our middle finger man

our middle finger man

Jerod has a theory.  I was driving one day while I was pregnant.  It was pouring down rain here in Austin.  Texas is a pretty dry state and people here aren’t used to driving in the rain.  I was on a highway called Mopac and there was an accident in the fast lane about a mile up ahead.  It was easy to see and the sensible drivers who have a healthy respect for wet roadways started to evacuate the lane about a mile out.

He's trying to flip somebody off...

He's trying to flip somebody off...

I was in the middle lane, so I let one guy cut in front of me.  Then some joker decided to speed up and cut me off.  Well, I don’t know if it was the prego hormones or the over protective momma bear developing in me as Elijah was getting ready to hatch, but I was a bit aggressive.  I tried to keep the guy out of my lane, but it didn’t work.  My next strategy was to teach him a lesson.  So I leaned on my horn and shot him a bird after I thought he might be looking at me in his rear view.  I know, it wasn’t my most holy moment.  I did feel badly about it so I told Jerod.

even in front of grandma!

even in front of grandma!

Up until we realized that we have a problem with Elijah shooting the bird at everyone, I had forgotten about that incident.  Now Jerod’s theory is that I taught my son the gesture in utero.  Lesson:  oh be careful little hands what you do….

You can see the silloutte of his finger

You can see the silhouette of his finger

And these are just the times we’ve captured the moment on film!


He does it again

We apologize in advance if our kid shoots a bird at you.

he needs Jesus

he needs Jesus


6 Responses to “you try to teach your kid to be like Jesus…”

  1. That’s “flippin” hilarious! But, remember he is a sinner 🙂
    He’s perfect, but he’s a sinner 🙂
    Miss you guys.

  2. 2 julespaq

    hahahaha! Shamefully, we have some photos of Rilyn doing the same thing, but she was 3! (She had a boo boo on her finger and we asked her to show us what finger hurt, and presto, out came the bird!) We made her do it again so I could get in on camera!

  3. That is hilarious!! I had to go back and look at each photo. What character!

  4. 4 Andrea Shef

    haha! that is hilarious! He’s going to be a handful!

  5. APRIL!!! I would have never thought you would do such a thing! haha…it’s pretty funny though, I feel like I grip at my students right now for the slightest mistake…emotions are running strong I can tell…. At least you felt bad about it.:)

  6. 6 Brandon Morales


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