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Jesus is in there too, but i don’t have a pic of Him yet 🙂 Advertisements

12 weeks and counting! we’re growing so fast…

We went to visit Jerod’s family the last week of January.  Many of his cousins, aunts & uncles, and the great grandparents hadn’t had the privilege of meeting Elijah yet.  Elijah did wonderfully on the drive up to Dallas, then on to Snyder, and eventually to Denver City. The first stop:  Dallas.  We got there […]

On February 10, Elijah went to the park in our neighborhood for the first time! It was pretty great.  He seemed to really like the swings. Its nice that we can walk to the park and play.

needless to say, we’re gonna need prayer. Jerod has a theory.  I was driving one day while I was pregnant.  It was pouring down rain here in Austin.  Texas is a pretty dry state and people here aren’t used to driving in the rain.  I was on a highway called Mopac and there was an […]

Our wonderful cousin Allison came to see Elijah this last weekend.  We had a good time. On Thursday we headed down to South Congress to walk around.  The first Thursday of every month tons of crafty artists set up on SoCo to sell their goods.  It was fun to walk around and check out the […]



There are a few things I wish I could bottle up and remember forever.  These are the things that a picture can’t capture or a video cannot do justice.  I’ve been working on a list of the things I want to cherish in my old age.  I wonder if Mary pondered the huge miracles or […]