Aunt Wendy & Uncle Paul come to visit!


Eli's happy

Martin Luther King Jr. weekend marked a special event in our lives here in Austin (other than the celebration of MLK, Jr. and his accomplishments & the inauguration of Barrack Obama)…  Uncle Paul and Aunt Wendy came to visit Elijah!

Uncle Paul and Aunt Wendy

They got in on January 16.  We ate Mexican food at Chuy’s.  On Saturday we walked around our fun neighborhood  We then headed over to Cabela’s.  On Sunday we went to church at the Stone  It was great.  The sermon was about God’s purpose for marriage.  We watched a movie called “Kung Fu Panda”- so cute.  We ate lunch at Whole Foods.  It was delicious!  On Monday, Uncle Paul made us delightful omelets!  We headed over to the Capital.  Elijah was feeling sad at the capital.  We think he might be one of those Texans who think Texas should become its own country again.

Elijah at the capital

We drove around town to sight see and then ended up at the Oasis for dinner and the sunset.

The Oasis at Sunset

Tuesday we hung around the house until it was time for Aunt Wendy and Uncle Paul to head back to Tennessee.

Aunt Wendy

Elijah really loved hanging out with Aunt Wendy and Uncle Paul.  Uncle Paul and Elijah had some physical therapy sessions and Aunt Wendy sounds an awful lot like Elijah’s mom.  We can’t wait to see them again!

Uncle Paul and Elijah


5 Responses to “Aunt Wendy & Uncle Paul come to visit!”

  1. 1 Denise Moss

    April! He’s growing…he’s beautiful…I want to hold him again! :o)

  2. Hey guys! We are coming to Denver City this weekend since we know you guys will be there and can’t wait to see y’all and Eli! Tyler is going to call Jerod and make plans. 🙂 Have a great week!

  3. April.. He is so cute!

  4. I hear you guys are coming to town! Yeah! I cannot wait to see you guys and that sweet Eli! These pictures are so cute…I love all his hair.

  5. 5 alla1

    I absolutely cannot wait till my turn to love on Eli!!!

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