Elijah is starting to smile…


even though he doesn’t know it yet.  It is kinda funny.  Jerod and I will see Elijah smile and we will get really excited.  Elijah then gets a serious concerned look on his face because of our reaction.  He hasn’t quite correlated the fact that we are getting excited over him.  This of course only makes him that much cuter.  So modest.

One of Eli's first smiles

The first smiles started on Saturday December 27.  They are getting better every day.  We anticipate the day he laughs.


3 Responses to “Elijah is starting to smile…”

  1. My heart just melted when I saw this photo. The laughing is soooo great…especially when they laugh at you…it’s a good self-esteem boost! 🙂

  2. 2 tia Vivi

    que gracinha!!! Muito fofo seu filho.Estou feliz por voces.Que 2009 seja um ano cheio de alegrias com Elijah.Saudades

  3. His laugh will be the best thing you’ve ever heard until he’s old enough to say “I love you.”

    🙂 So happy for y’all.

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