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Martin Luther King Jr. weekend marked a special event in our lives here in Austin (other than the celebration of MLK, Jr. and his accomplishments & the inauguration of Barrack Obama)…  Uncle Paul and Aunt Wendy came to visit Elijah! They got in on January 16.  We ate Mexican food at Chuy’s.  On Saturday we […]

who can’t stop talking about our kid.  It’s annoying, we know.  We just can’t help it.  He is so great. Here are some photos of us having a good time with Elijah: He’s wonderful and we are so thankful to God for giving us a family.

even though he doesn’t know it yet.  It is kinda funny.  Jerod and I will see Elijah smile and we will get really excited.  Elijah then gets a serious concerned look on his face because of our reaction.  He hasn’t quite correlated the fact that we are getting excited over him.  This of course only […]