Elijah is three weeks and three days old!


Eli at 3 weeks old

Elijah is doing well.  He just finished eating and ended up spitting up most of the milk he had just consumed all over his mommy.  I hate when that happens.  Its just so much work to put the milk in him and it seems like one of God’s practical jokes.  It takes 25 minutes to put it in his tummy and 2.5 seconds to hurl it down mommy’s chest.

Elijah - 3 weeks and 3 days old

Today is the first day of our life in the new home.  We closed on Thursday.  Elijah did really well at the closing.  He was excited and so were we.  We had about 12 friends come over and help us move in.  It was a great help and we got everything moved over by 2pm.  There are still a billion boxes in every room, but we will get to them.

Here’s a picture from the closing!

The Morales' at the closing!


3 Responses to “Elijah is three weeks and three days old!”

  1. Hey guys! Oh how precious y’all’s baby boy is!!!! We can’t wait to meet him! Congrats on closing on y’all’s house. It is so exciting, isn’t it? We are happy for you guys and praise the Lord for providing for you. We miss y’all and hope to get to see y’all sometime soon.

    T & H

  2. i’m SOOOO thrilled for you guys! a new baby AND a new house! how exciting! miss you both SOOOO much- wish I could love on that precious little man soon- may just have to meet up with you somewhere. enjoy your christmas! love you both!

  3. Those pictures are too cute. I just want to give that little baby a ton of kisses…
    I’m sorry he’s spitting up, that must be so frustrating. It is so hard to feed them in the beginning you feel like you are doing it all the time. But, it does get sooooo much easier, I promise. Brady and I are still going strong…
    Hope you are enjoying your time as a family, even though it’s crazy and busy.

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