Welcome to our world


Elijah Luke Morales
born November 26 at 9:35am
8lbs 7oz



15 Responses to “Welcome to our world”

  1. 1 julespaq

    oh my goodness! He is gorgeous!!!!! Love his hair do already! Looks like he will be a stud! Congratulations!!!!

  2. 2 tia Vivi

    Bem vindo ElijahLuke Morales!!
    Deus te abencoe muito!
    Eu amo a sua mae e sei que ela vai ser uma mae maravilhosa para voce.
    Jerod, parabens!! Da um beijao na April por mim.

    He is so cute!!!!
    I`m so happy for you guys.
    I can`t wait to meet Elijah Luke!

    brazilian hugs from your brazilian aunt and family

  3. 3 Angela

    I’ve been waiting to see a pic and find out the name! Congrats guys – he’s a cutie 🙂

  4. 4 Denise

    What a cutie pie! I think he looks like you, April (all except the hair :o)! Get some rest and enjoy your new addition! Congratulations!!!

  5. yay! CONGRATS! He’s so cute!!!!!!!!! I love his name 🙂

  6. 6 Anonymous

    I am so excited for you guys! What a beautiful baby boy 🙂 Congrats to the new mommy and daddy. I hope you’re able to rest up and recover quickly.

  7. 7 Sabrina Jumper

    And the ananymous above is me. Forgot to fill out my name when posting 🙂

  8. Oh guys, he’s beautiful! I love his name and adore that hair! Will you call him Eli as well? I hope April’s recovery goes well. Jerod, I know you will take good care of her and little Elijah 😉 Congrats!!

  9. Just showed Grace the photos of Elijah and she says “He’s so cute!” and she can’t wait to meet him, too. 🙂 We love y’all!

  10. 10 Chris Dendy

    congratulations you guys. blessings on you and your family.

  11. 11 Chris and Adrianne

    He is gorgeous and cannot wait to meet him 🙂 Hope mom is recovering well. Our prayers are with you guys. Love ya!

  12. The Prophetic Doctor has arrived!! Yeah! He’s perfect…Brady can’t wait to meet his new little friend. Please let us know when you come to DC and we are going to try to plan a trip down to your area in a few months. We’re going to try to see you guys, my sister, David’s brother, and Jason Osuna. We’ll give you guys a few months to get adjusted though…love you all so much. We love you little Elijah and praise God for your healthy arrival!!

  13. What a precious little one! He is beautiful! We are so excited for you. Enjoy every moment!

  14. 14 Holly P in Miami

    OMG! He is so precious! Congratulations to the entire family. I know Grandma JJ is thrilled to have her first grand-baby! Hugs & Kisses to all. Can’t wait to meet Elijah in person next time you are in Miami.

  15. 15 Laura Lee

    He is absolutely beautiful! I cant’ wait to see him!

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