He has not arrived yet.  We went to the doctor today and he is still breech and in a cozy little spot that he seems to think is permanent.  We will go in tomorrow morning at 6:30am to prepare for the C-section.  The surgery will happen about 8:30 if he is still breech. 

If God turns him around sometime between now and 6:30 then I will be induced on Friday.  If our little guy stays put, then we will be meeting him in less than 24 hours! 

Please pray for us as we prepare to welcome this precious gift from God.  🙂  I am a bit anxious about the deliver being a C-section, but I know God is in control.  Thanks for following this journey with us.  It looks like it is about to take a wild turn…


5 Responses to “Well…”

  1. We’ll be praying for you at 8:30 a.m. while we are eating breakfast. So exciting!!!

  2. 2 Denise

    I’m so excited for you! Listen…I’ve had two c-sections…the first one was not planned and was not good…the second one was planned and was great! Lucky for you, your’s is planned! Try to relax and enjoy the experience…there is nothing else like it!

  3. 3 alla1

    Yay!! April I will keep you in my prayers and can’t wait for the pictures!!! Love you!!

  4. 4 tia Vivi

    hey sister, minha irma
    estou orando por voces! Deus esta no controle e quero muito conhecer meu sobrinho pessoalmente, peco a Deus essa oportunidade.

    I`m very proud of you! Thinking and praying for you all day long today

    love you

  5. i can’t wait to hear!!!! Hope you’re doing great!!! Remember, for C-sections – get up and moving as soon as possible and stand up as straight as possible as soon as you can and it will feel better faster!

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