Little Moon :o)


Yesterday we went to the doctor for a routine check up on our little boy.  Everything is looking good.  According to Dr. Meyer (she’s great, by the way), my body is already preparing to go into labor- which is good.  During the check up, Dr. Meyer said she couldn’t tell what position Little Moon was in, so we got a mini-sonogram.  🙂 

It turns out he is in a breech position.  I still have 4 more weeks, but he is getting bigger everyday.  He doesn’t seem to realize that pretty soon he won’t be able to flip around in my belly.  If he does not turn to be in the right position for delivery, then we will have to do a Cesarean-section (C-section).  Thank God we live in a time period when this is a possibility with fewer risks.  Please pray he would flip head down and stay put.  He is a little active fetus and it is exciting to feel him move around, but it would be reassuring to have him in position.  We have another sonogram on Friday!

If you wouldn’t mind praying for our friends, Jill & Scott, that would be great.  They are in the process of adopting a baby!  This last week a baby girl was supposed to join their family, but at the last minute the birth mother changed her mind.  This is so devastating, like losing a baby.  Pray for God to continue to comfort them in this difficult time- especially every time they walk by the nursery in their  home.  Ask God to give them a renewed hope and insight into why He has called them to this wonderful act of accepting a parent-less baby into their family- just like God does for us through Jesus Christ! 


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