The Sonogram


So we went to the doctor for a sonogram and everything looks great-Praise Jesus!  It is still a boy!  Yeah!  There was a lot less room in my belly this time!   


His Hand

His Hand


Our Little Moon is growing pretty big.  He almost weighs 3 lbs!  I did ask how big his head was and Sal (our sonogram lady) told me it is already about 9 cm around!  Yikes….  That makes me a little nervous to be honest.  

It is exciting to see how he is changing.  Only three more months to go more or less. 


His Side Profile

His Side Profile


Please pray for Sal, the sonogram lady.  Her dad passed away two weeks ago unexpectedly.  It turns out he had leukemia.  She told us it was pretty difficult.  Pray that she would sense God’s comfort.  Pray He would also provide believers in her life to love her and show her how much God loves her.


One Response to “The Sonogram”

  1. How amazing God is for knitting that sweet boy together inside of you!
    And thank you so much for reminding me that we should be ministers for Jesus at all times…even when we are getting a sonogram. I need to remember to slow down and look at the people God puts in my path.

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