the house update…


Well, we are still waiting to hear if the city has approved us for the “affordable housing program” available through the Mueller Development (  We should hear something within the next two weeks as to whether or not we will actually be able to buy the house we have under contract.

This will be our house number:

We went by the house last Sunday and took pictures of what the builders have already put in place.  As of last Sunday the builders had sectioned out the foundation with the appropriate wiring and piping.  Here is a photo of their work and the street.

Yesterday we stopped by again to see the progress made and it is amazing.  They have done so much!  The foundation has been laid and the house has been framed.  The roof is in tact and everything looks good (from a very untrained eye).  Check out the photos below to see the progress.

It is very exciting to see all of this developing.  Pray Jerod and I don’t get too excited over something God might not have intended for us.  We are waiting for Him…


2 Responses to “the house update…”

  1. I hope you guys know soon. What a testimony of waiting on His timing and being patient
    By the way you look adorable! Hope to see more pictures of that beautiful pregnant belly soon!
    Hope you guys are doing good!

  2. 2 Aunt Pam

    I am soooo proud of you and Jerod….You are just tooo cute. The head thingy is funny. Everything is going to be just GREAT!!!! I don’t know if you remember when Natalie was born, but, back in the day, 22 years ago she weighed almost 10 pounds and I think her head is as big now as it was then. I am still here and to think that they didn’t even offer me an aspirin for the discomfort. You will get an epidural and you will have to be peeled away from the TV because everyone around you can’t push him out for you. Seriously, I was with a friend of mine’s daughter when she had her baby, and we had to turn off the TV so that she could at least pretend she was giving birth. It was a trip!!!!! I KNOW everything is going to be GREAT!!!!! As far as the house goes, things are going to work out there also. EVERYTHING is in HIS hand. It’s all so exciting and Iam so happy for you guys. Keep posting and kisses to all. Love ya, Aunt Pam

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