The House Update…


So Jerod and I signed a contract on the house in the Mueller development ( on Tuesday. It isn’t for sure yet. We still have to be approved by a few people. It is exciting though because we were going to sign up for a row home (kinda like a townhouse), but 15 minutes before we met with David Weekly (the home builder of the row homes), Meritage Homes called us to let us know they had a yard home available with the same square footage! So we could get a dog 🙂

The house is a 3/2 and is located just down the block from one of the neighborhood’s manmade lakes and trails. It is also only three or four blocks from the pool, basketball court, and jungle gym. This community is set up for building relationships with your neighbors. We are excited about the possibilities.

the floorplan

Please continue to pray for us as this unfolds… It’s crazy how God has provided and unexpectedly brought these great blessings to us. Pray we do not trust in the gifts of God but in the good God of these gifts.


4 Responses to “The House Update…”

  1. Congratulations! I hope everything continues to work out for you guys…

  2. 2 drcorner

    Congrats on finding a better valued home, and never fear, you’ll get it (and for under the asking price too 😀 ). The layout looks pretty good, is it a 1-level (ranch style) or 2-level?

  3. 3 instride

    the home is 1 level

  4. 4 johnsorrell

    Great floor plan! Wish we’d have gone one-story.

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