Sorry we haven’t updated the rest of our vacation. Our internet access was cut off the last three days of our trip. Here is where we left off:

Vancouver…. What an amazing city! It is so beautiful there and the weather was perfect- sunny, without a cloud in the sky! The first day in Vancouver we went to Stanley Park. We have to admit, it put Town Lake here in Austin to shame. We rode on a free trolley throughout the park. The park is located on a little peninsula to the east of downtown.

For sunset, we went to Kitslano Beach. We left our camera at the hotel, but it was very beautiful. Do you know there were some thick-skinned people swimming in the water after sunset?!? That’s crazy.

The next day we met up with Adrianne Collins’ sister, Meghan, who showed us around the city.
We ate a delicious salmon tacone (which is like a toasted taco wrap). The fish stand “Go Fish” was located right on the bay and they only use local anglers’ fish to make their food. It was so good. While we were waiting, we saw a harbour seal hanging out in the bay.

We also walked around Granville Island. We took a water ferry to get there. Granville Island has a public market. We walked around and took in the sights and crafts of all the people. It was a very cool area.

That night we watched the sunset from Jericho Beach. It was so beautiful and we remembered our camera! There was another harbour seal near the dock. He kept stealing the fishermen’s bait. It was funny to watch the fishermen get angry and the seal waited about twenty feet from the dock for them to put their lines and crab traps in the water.

Our last morning in Vancouver ended with breakfast from Sophie’s in the Kitslano area. I ordered waffles and Jerod got an omlet. It was a filling way to end our lovely stay in Vancouver. Canada is really cool.


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