I dream of Orca Whales….


Yeah, we saw some! Woo-hoo! It was pretty amazing. We didn’t see one hop out of the water, but a bunch of them surfaced many times, including a baby with its mom! An interesting fact I learned today was that a full grown male killer whale’s dorsal fin can be six feet tall! They also eat an impressive 400 pounds of salmon a day.

We saw a bald eagle and some peregrine falcons. Peregrine falcons can fly up to 200 mph (according to our guide). The two falcons were harassing the bald eagle, but they left him alone when the eagle went into fighting mode and turned his talons upward toward the falcon. Jerod got a wonderful picture right in the middle of the fight. It was pretty cool. I didn’t realize that bald eagles will fly upside down and attack another bird. It’s crazy that God made birds to fly upside down and attack other animals!

We also ran into a harbor seal in Friday Harbor. It was very friendly. I think it was looking for a free meal.

The San Juan Islands were so awesome. How beautiful is this part of the world! It was a little chilly (which is hard for a girl from Miami). Just so you know, if any of you are interested in waterfront property where orca whales will swim by every summer, you can get a plot for about $1 million an acre. Jerod and I are gonna start saving our pennies. 🙂

Tomorrow we will be in Vancouver!


3 Responses to “I dream of Orca Whales….”

  1. Cool! How fun!! Looks like you’re seeing some great stuff!

  2. Hey you guys! Just stopping by y’all’s blog to check out any vacation updates. It looks like it’s been an exciting adventure! I loved the seal. We love you guys!

  3. 3 Shannon

    Thanks for placing these pictures on-line…I had a dream about an American Bald Eagle in mid-confortation with a Peregrine Falcon…I will use the inspiration in my art.


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