We’re Out!


So Jerod and I are going to be unavailable starting tomorrow until July 19.  We are going on vacation!  Our last little hoorah before our new little hoorah comes to live with us 🙂 . 

We are going to Seattle, Vancouver, and the San Juan Islands!


Photo courtesy of US Department of Commerce

In Seattle, we plan to eat at Pike’s Market.  

Photo from some Myspace Guy’s page

We hope to visit Mars Hill Church where Mark Driscoll is a pastor. 

Photo from Mars Hill Church

We might go see Seattle Center and head south to check out Mt. Rainier.

Photo from usgs.gov

From Seattle we want to go see whales!  We are planning to stop off at the San Juan Islands to check out the orcas 🙂 .  We are going whale and wildlife watching with Western Prince & Wildlife Tours.

 Photo from whale-images.com

Don’t worry mom, we will be in a bigger boat with a motor 🙂

From the San Juan Islands we hope to travel to Vancouver, Canada.

Photo from a blog on blogspot

In Vancouver we are going to go see Stanley Park and we hope to eat some delicious seafood.

 So, we should be back July 19, God willing.  Keep a lookout for an update in about a week or so with fun pics.  We’ll see you on the flip side.


2 Responses to “We’re Out!”

  1. 1 jen

    I didn’t realize you guys were going to so many places…how fun!!! Can’t wait to hear how the trip goes!

  2. whoo hoo!! How fun! That will be a great trip! I hope you guys have a GREAT time!!!

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