Little Moon


A few people have asked about the name, ‘Little Moon’ so I thought I should explain.

One person even thought we were going for a Native American name (Debbie). April does have someone in here family tree with the name Hiawatha, but we figured we’d give our child something easier to spell.

When April moved to Austin a few years ago my family got to know her personality better. Michael, my step-father, says that she’s like a bust of sunshine when she’s around. That coupled with the fact that she’s from Florida (the Sunshine State), led to the nickname Sunshine.

Even before we got married some people were already asking us when we planned to have children. We even got some diapers at one of our showers (thanks Allison). Michael asked that alot as well.

One day my mom and Michael bought some baby clothes for someone and decided to give them something else. They ended up with the baby clothes and Michael said they were for ‘Little Moon,’ but this was long before April was actually pregnant.

We didn’t want to call our baby ‘it’ so the name ‘Little Moon’ stuck. The offspring of Sunshine is Little Moon


4 Responses to “Little Moon”

  1. 1 Jessica Klepac

    Yeah I am so excited for yall’s “Little Moon”!!!!!! Yeah! Love and miss yall!

  2. 2 Ethie

    Well I want to see pictures of April’s tummy. I want to see how cute she is while “little moon” grow!
    Love you

  3. 3 Steph

    a little sun, a little moon
    a different world will be yours soon!

  4. 4 Sabrina

    Awe, I love the story behind that – little moon coming from sunshine. So adorable!

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