Spring Break


Our Spring break started out with a late flight out of Austin. We heard a little music while in the airport which was packed for SXSW. This band was playing in the airport.

airport band

That late flight caused us to miss our flight from Dallas to Miami. I took a shot of the snow that I guess made us late:

dfw snow

The upside is that we got to see some family for the short time we were in Dallas. The airline put us up in a hotel near the airport and we went to dinner at Abuelos with Amory and Abby.


Early the next morning (4:15 am) we caught a shuttle to the airport and got on a 6 am flight to Ft. Lauderdale. We spent a few days with April’s family before the cruise sailed. After that hard snow in Dallas, it was nice to spend a few days in Miami with April’s family.

Here’s a few photos from our time there

img_0624.jpg img_0428.jpg img_0454.jpg

iguana img_0596.jpg img_0655.jpg

April’s parents live on a canal. It’s nice to hang out in their hammock in the back yard. Lots of iguanas live around there. And every once in a while you can see an alligator.

I’ll post more about the rest of the trip soon.  More pics will be on flikr soon too.


3 Responses to “Spring Break”

  1. Jerod! You’re getting to be quite the photographer! Love all the shots. How does it feel to be married to a supermodel? April’s such a hottie! 😉

  2. 2 johnsorrell

    Hope you guys had a good trip. We need to get together soon!

  3. Cruises are awesome! I hope you guys had a blast!

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