Pics from the Clinton Rally


bill clinton and ron paul supporter
Bill Clinton and the supporter of…

ron paul supporter at clinton rally
a local news station had a live web feed of the event

big clinton sign big clinton sign 2
some people’s sign’s were too big for their bodies

clinton opposition clinton opposition 2
this one fit pretty well

clinton entourage clinton entourage 2
As I was leaving work an hour or so after the rally ended, I was driving south on Grove blvd. toward 290 when I got completely cut off by a cop who was driving pretty crazy. I didn’t realize it at first, but apparently I was getting too close to the Clinton entourage. There were a couple cops with them who would speed up to the next intersection to stop traffic so the ex-Pres. could go through. At Montopolis dr. and 290 they somehow made the stop lights flash red, I’m guess so they could go through.

It would be nice to be an ex-President if only for the fact that you don’t have to sit in traffic.


2 Responses to “Pics from the Clinton Rally”

  1. Yeah, I used to live in Atlanta and every sitting president came through the city at least 2-3 times a year for something. When they did all trafic stopped or was diverted to side streets. I was a big joke of how many folks were off schedule because “the President” was in town. Hang in there, brother. Hey, how about a comment on my blog.

  2. 2 lee lewallen

    you’re in austin now? so am i. congrats on everything! just wanted to let you know that you’re still the best camp counselor ever!


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