Mom’s b-day


Last night we went out for my mom’s birthday. Haven’t been to Carino’s in a while, but it was good. I don’t know what other people do, but I’m realizing that our family goes out to dinner for birthdays.

sometimes people get mad on their birthday…see below

mom and me @ her b-day

other times they enjoy their day…

mom and me @ her b-day 2

and guess what April and I got her…that’s right…a Whirley Pop. She’s a popcorn addict too, so I think she’ll put it to good use. For her gift, we first gave her a brown bag with popcorn in it. Then we gave her some movie theater butter seasoning that April wrapped. And when we got to my grandparents house – we gave her the Whirley Pop. And since it came with a trial pack of popcorn and seasoning – we tested it out.

April is always the photographer, but I’m going to try to get some more pics of her to put up here soon.


One Response to “Mom’s b-day”

  1. hey bro.

    Way to go on the minimarathon. It is good to get a little look into your life now. Hope all is well.

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