2008 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon


On Sunday I ran my first race ever at the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. My first race at least since high school where the furthest I ran was probably a mile.

I ran the half marathon which is 13.1 miles and finished in 2:00:50…that’s 2hr, 0 min., and 50 sec. I was pushing hard to break 2 hrs, but just missed it. I have a goal for the next race now. It comes out to a split of 9:13. Not great, but I was satisfied with it and had a good time running.

April took some great pics, here are a few.
looking up Congress Ave.

April caught some fireworks at the start of the race

Just after the start of the race – over 13,000 people

The weather was perfect around the 7 am start time. It was somewhere in the 40’s – a good running temp. I felt pretty good through most of the race then got mental boost when I hit mile 11 – somehow I missed 2 mile markers because I thought I was at mile 9. So for the last 2 miles I pretty much spent all I had.

Phil, a friend of mine also ran the half. We ran together for the first couple miles, then he took off. He finished in 1:51 – an 8:31 split, and amazing time.

me and Phil before the race

I was blown away by the support from April and some friends from our community group that got up early and battled the massive crowds to support us. April, Scott and Jill, and Jeff and Marie all came out. Unfortunately, Jamie, Phil’s wife couldn’t make it – she was working at CUB (which I wrote a little about in a previous note). April and Jill got some pictures and video from the race. We got to see them at mile 5 and near the finish line – a big lift for the last kick.

mile 5

All along the course there were tons of people supporting the runners. There were bands all throughout the course as well…around 40 bands, dj’s, and other musicians. Both of these were extremely encouraging when it started getting tough. There were random people yelling my name – for a while I’d look at them trying to recognize them and I would wave and point like I knew them. Then I realized my name was on my bib above my race #.

Aside from the final stretch, mile 12 was by far the hardest. It’s a huge hill on Enfield Rd…and right near the end of the race. See the map of the course. At the finish line we got a medal, finisher’s shirt, pictures, food, and there was a concert by a band called fastball…I think.

Here’s some other interesting things I found out about the race:

  • more than 13,000 people registered to run the full and half marathon – the 10th largest in the nation.
  • 20% of runners are from Austin
  • This was the first “green” marathon in the nation (good for the environment)
    • organic cotton race T-shirts
    • solar power to stages
    • vehicles that run on bio deisel
    • outhouses w/ environmental deodorizers
    • 15,000 rolls of toilet paper made from recycled material
  • Runners from 20 different countries and all 50 states participated in the race.
  • Brian Sell, who will be representing the US in the Marathon at the Summer Olympics in Beijing won the 1/2 marathon in 1:04:11 – 4:54/m split.
  • Desiree Ficker from Austin, was the women’s 1/2 marathon winner finished in 1:18:17 – 5:58/m split. She’s an Iron Man and Olympic Triathlete.
  • An American, Jacob Frey, won the marathon (26.2 mi). The first time an American has won it since 1994 (2:20:38)
  • London teacher, Lucy Hassell, won the women’s division of the marathon (2:36:26)
  • Some Kenyans run the marathon to get away from the dangers of training in their country and to raise money to support their children to go to school.
    • Wesley Ngetich, runner-up at last year’s Austin Marathon was fatally shot in the chest with a poison arrow last month.

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow


4 Responses to “2008 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon”

  1. 1 abby

    i guess not running…ran.
    so proud of you.

  2. 2 Meredith

    Hey Jerod! Congrats on your marathon. That’s awesome!

    Kevin & I have a blog now too. Check it out at

  3. 3 Kristofer

    I should have run it. I didn’t think about it seriously until after though. I was out there right as you finished but I was cheering on a friend at mile 21. He and I work together everyday because we work on the same project. He’s a major in the army. Anyway, he was right on pace at mile 21 at 2:01. He finished in 2:32:33. He smoked it.

    Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed running it. I would have been right there with you and nowhere near my friend.

  4. 4 Jose

    hey jerod much congrats, I attended the event, i ran the half marathon, my first since 2001 and second ever. Just let me say running the austin marathon was an experience in itself the hills were something else especially the last hill, believe me did not know what to think when I seen that hill but I tell you what that finish line was a beautiful sight, and the crowd in austin was awesome the whole day was awesome, painful but awesome, see you guys next year

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