This Sunday is the AT&T Austin marathon and half marathon. The website has a countdown and as of now the race is 6:18:44:52 – that’s 6 days, 18 hrs, 44 mins, and 52 seconds until start time.

The website also has a video of the course. It’s really just someone driving the course with a video camera, but it gives me an idea of what to expect which is nice. There’s definitely some hills that look rough, but the half (which is the one I’m running) doesn’t look too bad.
To see the videos go to this website: Marathon Course


2 Responses to “Countdown”

  1. 1 Phil

    Hi Jerod,
    Thanks for listing the link to the video of the course. I’ll check it out. I ran 13 on Saturday, around 2 hours. That’s my goal for Sunday. I’ll give you a ring this week, maybe we can meet up before the race and start the race together. Should be cool.

  2. 2 abby

    cuddie-you’re running a half marathon?!
    good for you!

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